Friday, April 25, 2014

Wow! This site is worth a close read!!

Corbett Harrison has inspired my teaching more than once.  Some of you may know him from  I receive emails and updates from him at least once a month and am about to share some news with you.

Vocabulary has been a focus this year at HGS for our work with literacy.  Those of you who had a chance to attend either of the sessions I led on CODE will remember that I shared this reminder: our kids don't need to study volumes of vocabulary words, but instead they need to delve deeply into the words they're hearing and seeing...the "D" in CODE.

Harrison is a teacher and I am soooo going to use one of his ideas next year...all year.  I invite you to as well.  Here is a link to his ideas about students collecting and delving deeply into the words they collect.  His site is a bit busy but WOW!  It's worth a close read!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1.  All of the Core Six Strategies:

2.   The text of The Core Six:
(chapter 2 focuses on the compare and contrast strategy)

Grade 7 Compare/Contrast:  Writing Prompt Followed:  Quickwrite all you know  and understand about effective delivery of a speech.