Monday, March 26, 2012

First Meeting Agenda

March 26, 2012
Spring Book Talk

Comments Welcome!


1. Meet, Greet, Eat
2. Jot down 2-3 reasons and/or hopes for joining this book talk.
I will post these on our blog as a guide for our work during the next weeks.
3. Strategy 1: Save the Last Word (Dear Readers on p. IV).
4. Visit Blog:
5. Strategy 2: Read “Setting the Stage” and use Coding Strategy (p. 177).
Thoughts about this strategy?
6. Week One Homework:
  • Go to our blog and Post your quote and reason for choosing it. (Save the Last Word)
  • Finish read the chapter "Setting the Stage" and continue with the Coding Strategy.
  • If you're inclined, feel free to Comment to a Post and offer your insights, reflections, perspectives, or questions.
  • Bring a Unit or any instructional plan you teach. This could be a Unit Past, Present, or Future. Maybe it's one you're just outlining; it might be your next chapter in math, social studies, or science; it might be an informational text unit. This need not be a formally drafted unit. Just a rough idea of the unit goals, activities, and assessment. We’ll be collaborating on instructional planning and embedding of literacy strategies. Should be fun and worthwhile. Kind of a brainstorming session.

Next Meeting: April 2. We’ll end at 4:00 so folks can attend the DEEA meeting at 4:15.

Contact Hours awarded= 1 CH per hour 1.5 CH per group session.

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