Monday, April 2, 2012

Week of April 2-8 Discussion Topic

The research around best literacy practices concludes that our students need to read, read, read! Volume Counts (Hoyt, p.10). Do a Quick Write describing a typical literacy block. Please do not Post the Quickwrite. You might include these topics:
  • How much are your students actually engaged in reading during the school day?
  • What % of your literacy time would you say students are actually reading?
  • Include those times when students engage in self-selected individual reading, choral reading, oralreading, paired/buddy reading, guided reading, silent reading?
  • How long is your literacy block?
  • Do you lose literacy time because of other programming?
  • Other?
Post Discussion: Any eye-openers about your students' literacy block and how much reading they're doing?

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  1. Hi!

    An eye-opener moment about my literacy block. I don't have my kiddos all day but I do for 90 minutes. My eye opener is that reading really takes a front seat during 7/8 ELA. I think my students are reading at least 50 minutes of the block and many writing like fiends which will require a lot of writing. Our blogs and wikis require they read to know what the daily class plan is. Writing has lost a lot of time in my literacy block this because of the emphasis on reading. I dream of a time when our block can return to 120 minutes. I can dream, can't I. Today 3 students told me they never have enough time in my class.