Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Suggested Scoring Protocol

This is an opportunity for teachers to practice using the RSU 24 Expository Writing rubric.  We won't have time to score ALL writings...just not enough time. 

1. Bring student writings with the SCORE SHEET stapled to front of each writing.
2. Make 3 piles and stack the writings according to grade level.
3. A good goal for the hour:  Score 2 different writings as 1st Scorer (Cover your score with a Stickie!!) AND score 2 more writings as a 2nd scorer.  Reminder:  Very few of the writing are likely to be scored because we are double scoring.  
4. Score papers until the last 15-20 minutes of PLC.
5. How do the scores match up? The two scorers for a paper will meet to discuss scores.  Reach a consensus if possible.  Use that rubric. 
6.It's okay if you only had time to discuss one or two papers with a partner.

Ticket to Leave:
Was this a worthwhile PLC? Explain.

Leave in Jacquie's mailbox.