Friday, March 8, 2013

Literacy Strategy of the Week

This one supports collaboration, reflection and builds community.  I am using it next week in Grade 7 so students can receive feedback on their speech topics.

Good for before and after reading/discussion.

I'll leave a few templates in the Teachers' Room.  This strategy works for all content areas and across grade levels.

pp. 169-170  Thinkquiry Toolkit 1


  1. I think I might use this with some writings my kids just did today. Then they can go back and revise using their feedback. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a plan. How about if each student displays his/her draft on their laptop and students do a "museum walk..." Read each one and leave a comment for that writer and move on to the next "exhibit" or draft.

    Woot woot!

  3. I heard it went well in math class!