Monday, April 8, 2013

Literacy Strategy of the Week!

Quick Writes

  • This strategy helps our kiddos develop writing fluency and reflection skills...where I hear true learning takes place.  
  • Terrific tool for informally assessing what your student actually is thinking about your lesson.
  • 2-10 minutes in length
  • Open-ended prompts work well.
1.  Math:  Describe the difference between a factor and a multiple.
2.  Science:  After studying erosion... How does erosion change the surface of the earth.
3.  Social Studies:  How did humans use natural resources during the Stone Age?
4.  Phys. Ed.-  Describe the correct form for doing a push up.
5.  ELA:  What is a decision your character had to make which had significant consequences for them?

More info on p. 68  of Thinkquiry Toolkit!

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