Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vocabulary Bookmarks

Your students might love the Bookmark Strategy!

Learning new vocabulary begins with making a first connection.  I am assigning these to my students who will collect interesting, unusual, and new words from their independent reading books.

Later students will delve more deeply into learning the new vocabulary.  We could use these for Academic Vocabulary too.

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  1. Those are awesome! Especially in that students would need to reference the text, something we are hearing LOTS about with regards to CCSS!!

  2. Yes, Jenn, I was thinking these bookmarks really ask our readers to attend to the text. Collection is a good first step so these will be a neat method for collecting. Works so well with texts students do not write in.

  3. Jacquie I tried downloading the bookmark and I got the spinning wheel of death and a message, "failed to open page." I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but I thought you would want to know. I will stop by your room because I love new ideas to use in the classroom.

    1. Hi Valerie, don't you just love the wheel? I don't know why you encountered that upon downloading but try again perhaps. I can send you the file too. Let me know. Happy Bookmarking! I would love to see someone who teaches a content area try these out if they have not already. It would neat for the kids to compare their collections and decide on a word wall collection.

  4. I love these! Val, I will print you out a set while I am doing mine!