Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Student Motivation

I'll keep you posted on something I am going to try in my lesson planning this week which may have the effect I am praying for...more engagement!  If you find an idea in this article or another tried and true, would you post here and share?  Let's get a discussion going!!

Nearly every day I think about those students in my class who do not engage in reading and writing activities.  I believe we all long to see all of our students thrive during classroom experiences.  These winter days can bring about a lethargy too.  I have students who just do not want to do some activities I ask them to do.  It leaves me asking the question:  What can I do to spark motivation?  What is the darn reason I am getting attitude?  Why in the world would they not want to do this awesome activity I've planned????

I found this article which gave me a couple of ideas to spark motivation, one idea of which I am trying out today....a more hand's on approach with a dash of social interaction.


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  1. Our upcoming PD on Lesson Targets is another way to address student motivation... definitely an issue, and this time of year aren't we all looking for motivation? :)