Friday, May 16, 2014

Has it really been 6 years????

Yesterday afternoon several members of the HGS Literacy Team met.  Our mission was to complete an "exit" survey for MCLP folks. They asked us to look back over the last 6 years we have been working with them.  Have our students changed? Has our instruction changed?  What gains have we seen in this work we have done?  Is there a visible change in how we teach content?  How will we continue to stay current with best practices in literacy?  The following insights were shared during our reflection.  Please feel free to add Comments and share your insights.

  • The book talks have been helpful in staying current with content literacy.
  • The desire exists to continue learning, sharing, and growing in our work with literacy.
  • How will we keep this a top priority?
  • Speaking a common language of literacy on our teams has been positive.
  • Some teachers believe they have become better reading teachers.
  • It's evident that the teaching of reading and writing is evident in our classrooms.
  • Coaching has been helpful
  • Sharing strategies on the blog have been helpful reminders about the many ways we can support kids with literacy.
  • Sometime we want to look at information text in our assessment scores and see the trend since our work with MCLP.
  • We like the times we celebrate reading successes. WE want to look at more ways to celebrate.
What do you think?

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