Thursday, November 20, 2014

Webinar Notes

Six of us watched a webinar this afternoon.  The subject was Close Reading in K-5 Classrooms and was part of the series which the folks at CDLN are presenting throughout this school year.  Though the topic of close reading is well known and many of the procedures are familiar to us and practiced in our teaching,  we all agreed it was a worthwhile session. Good reminders and good review.  ANNNNNNND, I found some terrific sources for texts!  See below.   Here are a few webinar highlights:

Choose a close reading passage with the utmost care as it's generally a lesson spanning a couple of lessons.  This is a passage you consider worth the time and hard work of close reading:  a great speech, a classic poem, an important science article, etc.

 Your procedure may look like this

1. Day One:   Access Prior Knowledge ( KWL, kids list what they know, vocabulary activity…)
2. Day Two:  Diffuse the text for that Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary.  This is where marking the text with stickies, highlighting, Post It Arrows, etc.
3. Day Three: Do a shared reading.  Have your students jot down on a Stickie the gist of the passage…main idea.  Place these near each paragraph… the passage is projected.
4. Day Four:  Students read independently and complete a task which asks a text- dependent question.  Or provide a graphic organizer asking students to identify key details in each paragraph.  Another activity might be a Group Discussion where you can prepare a series of Blooms questions for whole group conversation.  We are reading about how conversation fosters so much meaning.

After the Webinar ended,  we were asked to complete an assignment by the 2nd Webinar in this series  and that is to choose a close reading text and plan a series of lessons with various literacy strategies which would provide all students access to the deep meaning within.

Hey, have you seen these text recommendations for rigorous and worthwhile ones for a close read?

or you might really love these text sources for close reads:

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