Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Literacy Moment

So many of our kids struggle with writing summaries.  Even some 8th graders.  It's not an easy skill and if the content is challenging, summarizing may be quite a tough challenge.    The Common Core asks that students begin summarizing in grade 3 so I thought this strategy might be a good one to share.  One strategy which scaffolds it is called GIST.  For students who need that scaffolding,  they can plan a summary using the graphic organizer.  Here is a link to ReadWriteThinks lesson plan and template.

Hope you find this useful.

Castine Humor


  1. I like the organizer, it makes the task not as daunting for some kiddos who may struggle with large bodies of text. And 20 words, sounds like a challenge they can rise to! Love <3

  2. This is like the Sum it Up template that we have in the Thinkquiry book. :)