Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writing in RSU 24: Reflection on the 2 year Writing Initiative

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What are we doing with Writing Agreements in our individual schools?
  • How are those Writing Agreements working?  ELA folks? Content folks? Specials?
  • What is not working with these Writing Agreements and other Writing Efforts?
  • How should we move forward to sustain Writing?
  • What's ahead next year for RSU 24 Writing expectations?
  • How will we map our Writing Curriculum as a way to continue improving Writing literacy?
  • Should students be writing on demand as in Writing Assessments for the district level?  (Local Assessments in Writing?)
  • Should the RSU adopt the 6-8 ELA Springboard program?
  • ELA students at both high schools are Springboarders?  How is it going?
  • Why not provide RSU 24 Content Teachers a forum for discussing Writing Agreements to inform district decisions?
  • Why not provide RSU 24 Specials Teachers a forum for discussing Writing Agreements to inform district decisions?
  • Both Forums must have a voice!
  •  What will/should Writing Agreements look like in music, art, physical education, guidance (where guidance has a curriculum being taught)?  
  • Are Kid Friendly rubrics in the making?
Today's lengthy and deep discussions were clearly showing that our students are writing a great deal more district wide.  Additionally, our Writing Expectations must be revisited and evaluated for relevance and effectiveness with more buy in and involving more non ELA teachers in the district Writing work.  Conversely, much work lies ahead of us with some shifts in how we agree on Writing Expectations.  Science, math, and social studies teachers need opportunities to lead decision making around these agreements.  6-8 science, math, an social studies Writing must be embedded in the curricula being used...not mandated as in the past agreements.  6-7 Science Programs provide students with tremendous Writing opportunites.  8 Science may look a bit different with the writing piece.  Socials Studies 6-8 offers tremendous Writing opportunities as well.

The Springboard ELA program is a real possibility.   March inservice will include presentations on this program.  No decision was made to adopt!

Atlas Rubicon is a curriculum mapping program new to the district and spreading in popularity.  Stay tuned for more coming to a school near you.  This mapping system is used to map the expectations around literacy, where the gaps might be, where could we use more professional development, etc.


  1. I think it is so important to ask for input. This will lead us in the right direction for everyone! Hoorah!

  2. I think students should practice on demand writings. This will help them build confidence as a writer and help them overcome anxiety when they are doing an assessment.
    The new social studies curriculum has writing assessments embedded which makes it more authentic.

  3. One of my struggling writers is making progress. Thanks for the support and encouragement!