Sunday, January 13, 2013

ELA Grades 6-8 Literacy Forum

Meeting Notes:  Folks who could make it included Lyn Wilson, Valerie Sprague, Jacquie Leighton, Sally Leighton, and Carol Duffy. We missed our other members who could not make it. 
  • Everyone created a blog to begin using.  Valerie, who currently blogs with her sixth grade homeroom, learned more about Comment features and etiquette of commenting. Her Sixth Grade Blog design has a new look.  Sally and Carol both created homeroom blogs as well.  We looked at how to add images and hyperlinks.   We talked about how effective blogging can be when students have an audience for publishing and communicating. 
  • Discussion about the length of literacy blocks for middle school ELA students continues to be a part of our support at the forum.  
  • Lyn shared more about the CCS, the 2013 NECAP.  She brings information to us from the State Literacy folks and keeps us in tune with the Shifts.   Carol and Sally shared info about the writing test samples.  Students will be interacting with multi-media content and demonstrating research skills much more than our current Writing Test.  Carol suggested we look at these samples.
  • Next Meeting Topics:  Sally Leighton will share a Writing Strategy which has helped many of her students elaborate on writing ideas.  VERY effective.  
  • Another topic:  continued topics about blogging and blog features (widgets, adding video, Commenting Etiquette, etc.  See below for last night's Agenda and links we did not time. 
  • Another topic:  a look at the writing test of 2014. 
  • Another topic:   You choose  (-:

Meeting Agenda:
  • Using Blogs in the Classroom
  • Lyn Wilson:  Sharing her resources and insights
  • Other?
Using Blogs in the Classroom: a Wiki    <------- Click

Youtube Intro to Blogging

Commenting Skills:  A Biggie on Blogging

Classroom Blogging Ideas:

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