Saturday, January 12, 2013

Literacy Team Agenda/Meeting Notes

1.  Explore Close Reading Texts for upcoming Book Talk.

     Book Talk Dates?

2.  Share Action Plan.

3.  Writing Sustainability Plan 1st  RSU 24 Meeting on January 24.  I agreed to attend.  Can I take along your hopes, concerns, questions, suggestions?  These are the topics I was given which will guide the work:
·      Recommendations for specific district level writing expectations
           (ELA, Core Content Classes, Other Classes)
·      Review current rubrics (strengths, needs)
·      Determine the need for “student friendly” copies of our rubrics
·      Review current anchor papers (gaps, usefulness)
·      Determine recommendations for developing district level writing prompt cycle/process

3.  Next Meeting?  Plan for Spring Writing Prompt.  After MCLP?

Meeting Notes:  Present...Cheryl, Renee, Jen, Megan, Jenn, Jacquie, Valerie

1.  We spent some time trouble shooting the access of the blog.  We have a few glitches which Jacquie will talk to IT about.
2.  Jacquie would like to give this blog a chance to serve as a  "venue" for our literacy talks and literacy sharing staff-wide.  
3.  Literacy Team Members:  Please leave a Comment under the Writing Prompt Post to show you are "in" as a Commenter (at least.)  
4.  Jacquie asked about the role of the TEAM given MCLP is ending.  The Common Core Standards and professional development on "unpacking" the standards is needed.  This Team could facilitate that.  When?  Not enough time during Staff Meetings.
4.  Next topic:  A school wide writing prompt as a means to understanding the rubric, looking at student writing K-8, celebrating our 100th day of school, and practicing writing.
5.  Each Literacy Team Member will facilitate blind scoring at a March PLC.  
6.  Our next Lit Team Meeting:  February 26.  We'll plan for the Blind Scoring Protocols.
7.  March will be the month for a Book Talk on Close Reading.   Thursdays seem to be the  best afternoons for most folks.  I'll get back to you on those dates.


  1. I hope this works out and is working and everyone can see everyone else's comment! Have a good weekend everyone!